Benefits of Online Mobile Casinos Versus Land Based Casinos

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During the relatively short time period online casinos grew from the smaller segment to one of the most popular gaming entertainment in the world. Millions of players visit virtual casinos websites each day and choose the slots and other games for entertainment as well as for the real money earnings. All of them get the pleasure from the adrenaline rush that is proposed by the online gambling games.

It is known that a traditional form of casino is a land-based one, which became the example and the basis for creating its online versions. However, each year even more and more people choose to visit its virtual version. The reason for it is that the virtual platforms have several valid benefits and it is necessary to learn them before deciding what type of casino to choose.

Online Casino Benefits

The first online casino benefit is its round the clock accessibility. Today, it is not necessary to go somewhere to start playing. The only thing needed is a personal computer or any other mobile device. There are numerous modern applications that allow an access to any online casino from anywhere in the world.  Furthermore, online casinos allow gamers to participate without the requirement of leaving the comfort of their own home. One can play anywhere and anytime – during the lunch break, holidays, or even in the public transport while going to their workplace.

The next valuable reason is promo-offers proposed by the most casinos online. Not any of the physical ones would give a $100 bonus only for the first visit. At the same time, almost all online platforms try to attract as many players as possible and their bonuses become more and more valuable. It is also necessary to mention that many online casinos have lotteries where one can win such prizes as a travel or a car. In that way, interesting and profitable tournaments are the issues that often attract players.

Another reason in favor of online casinos is games. The choice of games is really huge and anyone can find something interesting for him or her. Most of the websites contain hundreds of various games and each can choose among:

  • slots,
  • roulettes,
  • card games,
  • lotteries,
  • live-casinos.

They differ by the graphics, play mechanics, and unique features. There are numerous modern and classic variations of the popular and less famous games so that anyone would be satisfied.

The last but not least reason is a comfort. In spite of the fact that many casinos worldwide are very comfortable and the visitors will always feel comfy, for many of us the most comfortable place is home. No one will distract you from the process of playing and you can completely concentrate on receiving pleasure. Moreover, considering the fact that in some countries casinos are forbidden by the governmental laws, visiting online casinos is safely.

Advantages of Playing Online Casino Games

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People were always subjected to the recklessness. During thousands of years, they invented new gambling games in order to spend time and entertain themselves. These games always changed and developed and now people spend a lot of time online where the can play such games as:

  • card games,
  • roulette,
  • slots,
  • live-casino, and so on.

Each day even more players prefer online platforms over the physical ones because they have several valuable benefits and positive sides, which attract gamers around the world.


One of the most important and attractive benefits of the online casino nz is convenience and comfort. It is evident that people prefer feeling comfortable and safe, which is mostly possible while being at home. Even though most physical casinos spend thousands of dollars to make themselves attractive and luxurious, it does not make them homelike. In that way, many people prefer staying at home and choosing any online platform they want.


Talking about convenience, it is also necessary to mention that online casinos are more accessible. Everything that the player needs is a computer or any other mobile device with an Internet access. In the modern world of the developing technologies, most of us can access online casino from any place in the world. One can play anytime and anywhere from the comfort of their homes, during the lunch break, or while waiting in the queue.


Another point about comfort and convenience is that choosing a place allows the player feeling more comfortable. For example, while playing at home no one would distract you and you can concentrate on your game. You can surround yourself with the things that are comfortable like a cup of tea, favorite music, and delicious piece of the pie. Just imagine how you are sitting on a couch in pajamas playing your favorite game and winning money!


The other important reason for choosing an online casino is privacy. It is evident that a physical casino is a place where numerous people need to face each other despite their wish to do it. Some of them prefer to watch others playing, which is not always a good background for the game. Moreover, a casino is a place of a constant noise that is distracting and irritating. It is difficult to enjoy your time in such circumstances.


At the same time, any online casino allows you to be completely alone while you are playing as it is only you who decides where to play and whom to allow to watch your play. It means that no one will know how much you won, which is also an issue of safety. Considering all these reasons it is evident that the online casino is a perfect way of entertainment.

Should Bonus Money Be Accepted in Online Casinos?

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There are numerous different perks proposed by the online casinos in order to attract players. However, it is necessary to remember that there are also various conditions to receive them. Sometimes, it is not convenient or easy to fulfill all the demands and in some cases, it is better even to refuse to accept them.

There are different types of bonuses often available. These include:

  • welcome bonus
  • bring a friend bonus
  • happy birthday bonus, etc.

Casinos often propose a certain sum of money for the first visit or for the registration. It is evident that such propositions seem to be profitable as they give a possibility to play without any additional investments. Moreover, in order to attract the players, casinos increase these sums to get more interested players. However, it is necessary to mention that the proposed perks should not be the main criterion while choosing a casino.

In order to not be deceived by the casino, it is necessary to pay special attention to the conditions of wagering it over. It is possible that there would be a few points mentioned somewhere down on the page so that people would not pay any attention to them. It often happens that the new players while trying to get the bonus spend all the money and the only profit in this situation is for an online casino.

Another important issue that is necessary to mention is that the perks received after the first lodgement could not be encashed immediately. It is usually forbidden by the rules of all online casinos. In many cases, the bonus amount should be wagered several times, starting from 30 times. In other words, the player will need to achieve the fixed minimum of bets proposed by the casino, in order to get cash, if there is any left after all the necessary betting.

Overall, the requirements of a casino for wagering the bonus could be very different. Some of the casinos set a certain period of time during which the bonus for the first lodgement should be wagered, or it would become invalid. In that way, it is necessary to learn all the conditions of receiving the bonus.

One of the most difficult conditions of receiving a bonus is when a casino restrict the games where the player can do it. Of course, these are usually not popular or not profitable games and the bonus is promised only to attract attention to them. You cannot even know the rules of them and it is necessary to weigh up the pros and cons before playing the game. Overall, the main rule of accepting the bonus is to learn all the conditions so that it would bring only pleasure.

Can an Online Casino be a Source of Steady Income?

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Many people prefer spending their free time on playing in the online casinos. It is a great kind of entertainment as the choice of the games is totally mindblowing. Everyone can find something that will bring them the pleasure of gambling. Talking about casinos it is also necessary to remember about a possibility to win money. It attracts numerous people because many casinos propose huge jackpots and big wins in a number of different games.

Having said this, it becomes evident that making an online casino a source of a steady income is a dream of every player. Spending time with pleasure by playing favorite games and receiving enough money for a living is a real luck. However, it is not accessible for everyone and not each person can achieve this.

The modern world is a place of numerous possibilities and earning in the online casinos is not an exception. Several years before no one could believe that casino could be not only an online option but also a source of income. Online casinos offer numerous games where a person can win money:

  • slots
  • card games
  • roulette
  • live-casino, and so on.

Accessibility is another benefit for the online casinos, which means that is is a convenient way of earning.

The first thing to think about while choosing an online casino for earning is safety. No one wants to lose the money by being deceived. The online platform should be respectable, reliable, and popular. It is also a good idea to check the feedbacks about the chosen website on the Internet and read some specialized reviews so that to be sure about the honesty of the casino.

It is necessary to understand that making an online casino a source of a steady income is not an easy issue. Winnings in the online games are usually not steady and in that way, it is also difficult to imagine that they could be a steady income. However, there are professionals in each field and it is also true for the gambling games. Players have a possibility to choose casinos with the best conditions and they use it.

There are certain playing strategies that increase the chances to win. Many experienced players know about them and choose the most suitable after trying some of them. It is evident that it is necessary to have a possibility to invest a certain amount of money in order to check the strategy. Moreover, it is important to be ready to lose again and again before finding a way to earn. However, the factor of fortune is also an important one and not any person can impress with it.

How Not Give Way to Passion in Online Casino

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Modern online casinos propose numerous kinds of games in order to attract the players. They also use various systems of bonuses and other perks that make games even more attractive. In that way, many players often forget about the time when it is necessary to stop playing. they get excited with their winnings, or very frustrated due to their fails to win and want to try their luck again and again. So, driven by the adrenaline, gamblers may spend nights and days in front of the computer. Despite all the winning from the online casinos, it is necessary to remember that the main profit from them is not for the player but for casino itself.

The possibility to win money makes people dependent on the games. While playing people behave in different ways, which depends on the temper, habits, and personal features. However, they cannot stop playing after big losses because their main goal is the jackpot. When starting to play a similar game, it is necessary to make a plan in advance so that not to ruin oneself. Gamblers often forget about everything, being driven either by thrill of the competition, or by frustration.

What to Do

First of all, it is necessary to think about self-control. A person needs to understand that there should be a limited amount of bets and it is not acceptable to exceed it. One needs to understand that play is for real money and losing them will lead to the negative consequences. The problem of the online casinos is that the player does not see the money he or she gives away and in that way, it becomes less valuable for him or her.

It is also a good idea to make small bets so that the game would last longer and the person would not lose everything at a time. The proposed bonuses are also a way to make the person play longer but it is important to remember that it is just a way of influence. Another good possibility to test oneself is a demo mode where the player can try different tactics. It is also a way to satisfy the passion and not to lose money.

Finally, it is necessary to limit the time spent by playing. It should be only several hours a week and not a day. The player who spends half of the day playing loses concentration and interest, which means that it is more difficult to win. It is essential to remember about the limitations and self-control because online casinos is a way of entertainment and it should not bring any harm to a person.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Stoptober?

Stoptober is a social movement of people giving quitting a go for 31-days! Just like Dry July or Junk Free June, everyone sets a goal to go a month without cigarettes. Quitting smoking for a month is always easier in groups, so get your friends and family together and give it a go this October! See how much better you feel after a month without cigarettes!

What do I get out of this?

The great thing about the Stoptober challenge is that it’s only one month! 31-days isn’t too long to stick at something and during this time you will receive weekly messages of motivation along with tips on how you can stay on track.

The added bonus is that you’ll have your support crew that you assigned also to help keep you motivated. We’ll be messaging them as well to remind them to reach out and cheer you on.

When does it get easier?

You’ll often hear people reassuring you that things do get easier over time. We say it because it’s true.

When you quit you can feel a bit grumpy, find it hard to concentrate, and sometimes you even feel like you’ve lost a friend.

These feelings are all part of stopping smoking – we usually refer to these feelings as tobacco withdrawal symptoms. They are usually at their worst in the first 2-4 weeks of quitting, but they will lessen over time as your brain and body readjust to not having regular doses of tobacco smoke.

Do I really need stop smoking medication?

There are no magic cures (unfortunately) for stopping smoking, but stop smoking medicines such as gum, lozenges and Champix can make it a lot easier.

These medicines all work by taking the edge off cravings and other withdrawal symptoms that people get when they quit smoking, but they won’t stop you thinking about having a smoke. In a way, they are a bit like cold and flu remedies – they make getting through the day just a bit easier, but they’re not a cure. You know you need to ride it out and that there is a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’!

Remember if you have any questions about these medicines, you can ask us any question on our Facebook page. We’ll answer any questions that you post, or if you’d rather not share it with everyone you can private message us.
When I had gum and lozenges I felt sick. Why is that?
Nicotine gum and lozenges are not like normal gum and lozenges and need to be used in a certain way. Unlit and Quitline are great websites that give you information about smoking medication, possible problems you might come across and how to make sure you are using the medication correctly.

Will I gain weight when I quit?

We know that some people worry about gaining weight when they quit. We know it’s easy for us to say this, but our advice is to focus on the smoking and deal with any weight gain once you feel strong enough to stay away from the ciggies.

We don’t have any magic cures for weight gain, but here are a few tips.

As you are preparing for quitting, next time you’re in the supermarket try to find some low calorie snacks (something less than 100 calories (420 kJ).
Try out some raw vegetables. You can either spend a little time preparing them yourself or you can buy them already prepared.
Don’t starve yourself in the first few weeks of your quit attempt. Hunger can sometimes make your craving for a cigarette seem a little worse.
Use your stop smoking medicine – all of these help lessen weight gain when you’re quitting.

Why is it so hard not to have my morning cigarette?

Most smokers are aware of those times or activities that go hand in hand with a cigarette. For example, that morning cup of tea or coffee, after a meal, or socialising with friends.

Your brain has learnt to expect a ‘nicotine hit’, and the associated reward, at these times which is why they often trigger a craving for a smoke once you’ve quit.

Changing your routine can ‘trick your brain’ and it may help reduce craving. Simple changes, such as swapping coffee for tea or orange juice and getting on with something else after dinner, often help.
It’s really hard at first. Is there anything I can do?
The first few weeks of stopping smoking are often tough. However, everyone can stop smoking, some just take a little longer than others. Stop smoking medicine can be a great help. While they don’t make the cravings go away, they reduce them and help you get on with your life, so make sure you keep them up and don’t stop using your medicine too early!

When you are early in your quit attempt being aware of situations that can slip you up is really important! That means if you know when you have a drink or two you are likely to have a smoke, make sure a mate has your back! Your friends are great help here!

Why is it so hard to quit?

Nicotine is a powerful drug and your body doesn’t like going without it. Check out this video to see how nicotine addiction works and how it gets easier!
What are the best things I can do to help me make it through Stoptober?
There are three really key things to help you with Stoptober:

Medicine – Going cold turkey can be tough, but choosing the right medicine can really help! Whether it is gum, patch, lozenges or medicine like Champix, they can all help reduce cravings and set you up to succeed.
Environment – Quitting smoking is hard enough without being constantly reminded of smoking, so get rid of all your cigarettes, ashtrays and lighters!
Buddies – Friends and family are a huge help when quitting so you should let them know you are trying. Give them a call when you think you might want a smoke, or tell them to not let you near a cigarette if you are going out for a drink.